What’s A Chastity Belt and How Does It Work?

A chastity belt (Florentine belt) is a device that prevents the man from masturbating. For this, the penis is inserted into this device and then closed. The key to this is the so-called keyholder. Especially in dominance games from the BDSM area chastity belts are used for humiliation. Chastity belts are available for men and women. Chastity belts for booty calls are the common ones. Once created, they prevent the wearer from satisfying himself. Below is the exclusive male chastity guide for you.

Which chastity belt is there?

The chastity belts differ in their material. There are penile cages made of acrylic, plastic, but also made of stainless steel, silicone or rubber. Depending on the material, the wearing comfort of the penis cage is different. A penis cage made of plastic is solid, but very easy to carry and hardly noticeable. Chastity belts made of metal, however, have a higher weight and the wearer is reminded by the slight pull permanently to the chastity belt. Who wears a silicone chastity belt, usually has the highest comfort. It even has the advantage of being able to do sports with it.

A chastity belt for men usually consists of a kind of penis ring with associated penis clamp and a lock. With this lock, the chastity belt can be firmly closed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the chastity belt models

The individual types of chastity belts each have their advantages and disadvantages. In the following overview we have compiled for you the most important advantages and disadvantages of chastity belts once.


  • Low weight and usually quite cheap
  • Can be worn normally under clothing
  • There are also models with stimulation current for extra stimulation
  • Urinating possible
  • He has a high weight.
  • Look very noble
  • There are also models for a XXL penis
  • Urinating possible
  • Additional features like soft spikes are possible
  • Is pleasantly soft
  • Mostly made in one piece, no painstaking assembling
  • Urinating possible
  • Also suitable for big penis
  • Some variants are combined with anal plug
  • Erections are possible within limits

There are certainly many other advantages and disadvantages of chastity belts. The advantages listed by us and the disadvantages are certainly a good approach for you, so you know which chastity belt you should buy yourself. When buying chastity belt always remember that cheap is not necessarily better. There are many imitation chastity belts from China. You get that for around 20 dollars. Others cost three and four times, but also have a much better quality and are simply better processed. For example, you can head over to lockthecock.com and check out their chastity belts.

How do I put on the chastity cage?

There are different types of chastity belts. The majority consists of a clamp, which is initially placed like a cock ring around the penis. The penis must not be erected. First place the lower U-clamp like a cockring around your penis shaft so that the opening points upwards. Then press the cage holder through the two upper holes.

Then come the clamp, which you slide over the cage. The clamp closure has a round recess in the middle. This has to look forward from your point of view. If the clamp is stuck, the locking pin is pushed through the clamp. Then the locking pin is fixed with the spacer by simply pushing the spacer over the pin.

Then the anterior penile cage is pushed over the penis. Some lubrication usually helps to get the penis into the penis cage. Then the penis cage is inserted through the two thorns of the cage and through the locking pin. The end of the locking pin contains a hole through which a small padlock or one-way lock can now be inserted. As a result, the penis cage is firmly connected to the rest of the chastity belt.

Once the penis is closed, the wearer cannot simply remove the chastity cage without opening the lock. Only the keyholder can provide for the redemption. The chastity cage is usually bent slightly downwards. This also prevents the erection of the penis.

How do I clean my penis with an attached chastity belt?

Since the penis is closed with the chastity belt, you cannot clean it so easily. Therefore, you should take off the chastity cage once a day when carrying it longer, in order to carry out the daily penis care. This avoids unwanted infections. The clamp does not need to be stored when cleaning.

If you do not want to drop the penis cage, there is also the possibility to clean the penis with a jet of water through the holes of the penis cage. Above all, the plastic penis cages have some holes through which water and possibly mild soap can be rinsed. Remember, however, that with an attached chastity belt you have almost no chance to clean your foreskin well, not even with a stream of water from the outside. Clean your penis at least every few days without chastity cage. Your key holder can watch you even via webcam, so you do not get tempted to masturbate.

Piss with chastity cage?

With a chastity belt you can go about your needs as normal, including urinating. At the front of the chastity belt, there is a hole through which the urine can drain normally. Be sure to clean the front of the chastity belt with plenty of water again and again while it is put on.

Chastity Belt: Find the right size

As a rule, the chastity belts are available in two to three variants. Which variant you should take depends on how big your penis is in the not erected state. Normally when you buy the chastity belt like the CB6000, you will get the penis rings in different sizes, from which you can choose the optimal ones. Silicone penis cages usually fit better, while those made of plastic stay rigid and do not give way if they do not fit.

For the chastity beginner it is not easy to find the right size for the chastity belt. There are two parameters that you have to pay attention to.

Penis clamp

The cock ring must fit: Many chastity belts are offered as a set, in which different sized cock rings are supplied with. Stainless steel chastity belts often have only one cock ring. This should fit perfectly and should not be too big.

The penis must fit: As a basis, you use the size of your penis when it is not stiff. Most chastity belts are available in size S, M and L. Problem is the penis diameter. The following diameters should be taken for orientation: penis cage

S: Diameter: less than 3.2 cm

M: Diameter: 3.3cm to 4.0cm

L: Diameter: from 4,1cm

Luckily, the length is not as crucial as the diameter. If you have a penis that is more than 10cm long when you are limp, you should not take the S variant anymore.

Tips for applying the chastity belt

You should shave yourself thoroughly before you put on the chastity belt. Hair is a disturbing factor when putting it on and it can hurt a lot if the hair unexpectedly gets between the clamp when putting it on.

You need to cleanse your penis well before donning. If you have a foreskin, cleanse all areas thoroughly there too. Hygiene is particularly important for a chastity belt. Also, the Keschheitsgürtel should be cleaned well. But do not take alcohol, but a mild soap.

If you are too excited, tightening the chastity belt is often no longer possible. Wait until your penis is not stiff anymore. Do not force the penis over your penis. This can lead to injuries.

When putting on a tights can help. These pull you over the penis, then put it in the penis body of the chastity belt and pull the front of the urine slit tights out again. This also puts the foreskin (if any) in a comfortable position.