Washing and safekeeping techniques for women who love latex dress

There are numerous reasons why latex clothes are superior. Firstly, latex is an affordable eco-friendly material, meaning it doesn’t come at the cost of chopped trees and slaughtered animals, and it has nothing to do with plastic. Also, it simply feels good. Some would say it’s almost like a second skin. It’s also as stylish as fudge! Indeed, high-fashion catwalks and red carpets are full of models and celebrities wearing the Laidtex outfits nowadays.

But it surely has to have at least one downside, right? Well, most people would argue that keeping it clean and shiny can be quite a bore. And that’s true to some extent. However, if you understand how to properly maintain latex, you’ll soon forget all about this con and make this material your new favorite.

In the following lines, we’ll go through the ins and outs of cleaning latex dresses, outfits, bras, and all other garments in a few simple steps.

Understanding the latex material


Before we get to the main part of this article, we should talk a bit more about latex. First, latex is a natural substance that’s quite similar to rubber and is prone to degradation over time. But that takes years, so you don’t have to worry if you just bought yourself a piece of sexy latex clothing. It’s not going to disintegrate suddenly. And of course, the better care you take of latex, the longer it’s going to last.

Unfortunately, however, latex isn’t a breathable material. That means that while wearing it, you’ll usually start sweating fast, as it’s tight and restricts the flow of air. Of course, sweat itself isn’t a nasty bodily fluid on its own, but if you forget to wash your outfit, it will bolster the growth of bacteria. In turn, bacteria will cause a funky smell, which isn’t something we’d want on our clothes, right? It’s essential to wash your latex outfit regularly to avoid that.

Water submersion


Although you can place latex in the washing machine, it’s not something we’d recommend if you don’t have an expensive, multi-program one. To wash latex, we’d always suggest doing it manually. But no worries — it’s not a nightmare like for some other types of garments.

To properly wash a latex dress, you’ll first need to submerge it in water. You can use a bowl, a vessel, or even your bathtub — it all depends on how much latex you’re looking to wash. 

First, get some warm water flowing and fill the vessel of your choice. It shouldn’t be steaming hot, as it can affect the cleaning process and even damage your latex outfit.

Next up, add some mild soap (the one you use for your hands, for example) and swish the water up a bit to get some nice bubbles floating inside. 

Then, it’s time to submerge the latex. Pop it inside and move it around, just to make sure all parts (the inside and the outside) get wet and soapy. Afterward, leave it submerged for a couple of minutes.

Proper rinsing


Now that your latex has soaked in warm soapy water for a while, you should attend to it again before you take it out. To properly rinse the latex, it’s important not to scrub. Therefore, don’t use any kinds of sponges as they can damage the material. That’s not something you want, so simply use your fingertips.

Now, the chances are that you’re using silicone lube to shine up your latex outfit. That’s great and all, but it can make the washing-up process a tiny bit harder. The thing is, silicone is waterproof, so it will remain on your latex dress unless you remove it manually while the outfit is still submerged in water.

Drying techniques


Remove the latex garment from the water and allow it to drip over your washing bowl, vessel, or bathtub. You can use your fingertips to eliminate excess water to hurry up the process as well. Note that you shouldn’t stretch the material while doing so, but gently stroke it while the water drips downwards.

Next up, you’ll need to let the latex drip-dry by allowing the water to evaporate off your outfit. So, hang your latex garment somewhere where you don’t mind the water dripping (e.g., bathroom). In case you can’t do that for whatever reason, simply hang it over a door and pop a towel underneath so that it soaks up the dripping water.

Don’t use metal hangers, especially if they have clippers, as they can leave nasty marks and degrade the material. You can use wood and plastic hangers instead. Another important note is that you shouldn’t hang latex in direct sunlight. Not only will the sunlight cause the color of your dress to fade, but it will also begin to degrade it.

Keeping your latex dress from sticking up


Once you return to your sexy dress, you might find that the insides are sticking up together. But don’t worry, as this is normal even for high-quality latex. You just need to use your hands and place them inside to prevent this and maybe wiggle the outfit around for a bit. Afterward, you can rehang the garment to try to make the insides dry properly with a gap inside, or you can flip the garment inside out and hang it like that.

Latex dress aftercare


Once you’re happy with how dry your latex is, you can begin to prepare it for storage. You can store it immediately after you take it down from the hanger, but we have one last maintenance tip. Namely, you should use talcum powder as it will make your life so much easier, especially if you have more than one piece of latex stored together in the same place.

You should use talc on your garment because it prevents it from sticking while in storage. Moreover, it will protect your latex clothes from fluff and hair sticking onto them. So, when you’re ready to do this, use talc on the inside first, and then do the outside. Also, it’s best to place your garment over a towel while you use talc on it. That way, you won’t have to clean anything afterward.