Sexy Athens

Athens is by no means a European sex destination. However, as a big city, it certainly offers a range of sinful pleasures to its locals and visitors.The legal part of prostitution caters to the lower end of the market. Brothels are concentrated in certain areas of the city such as Metaxourgeio or around Filis St. and are usually seedy establishments housed in old buildings that can be distinguished by a simple light bulb placed at the entrance, which is lit even during the day. The ladies in most of these, have seen better days and the prices are accordingly low (€20-€30).
As for illegal prostitution, the cheaper end of the spectrum is basically composed of street workers that can be found during night hours along Solonos St. and around Theatrou Sq. and Evripidou St. just off the Psirri nightlife district. The latter ones are mostly good looking African girls, illegal immigrants who work the streets for little money and very often face organised police raids and disappear for a few hours in the back streets of the area. Be aware that these girls do not necessarily undergo any medical examinations, which their counterparts in the legal brothels are legally bound to undertake.The higher end of the market is naturally made up of call girls that publicise their services in many Greek newspapers, thinly disguised as soul mate ads. One of these (foreign) ladies’ hourly visit rates will set you back at least €100.For those with more…‘particular’ tastes, every night along the right hand by-street of Syngrou Avenue (running from the centre of the city down towards Piraeus), boys dressed as girls (transvestites) take up their posts and wait for their clients. Prices negotiated on the spot.Of course there is always the pure entertainment option: you can head for one of the numerous strip clubs that spring up in the city like mushrooms, where foreign girls will table-dance for you or just keep you company if you buy them an (expensive) drink (do not expect much more than this). Most of these clubs have an ongoing dance show, some quite explicit. Fortunately, you only pay for what you get and there aren’t frequent cases of ripping off like it happens in many other European capitals. (Owners wouldn’t want to push their luck, as these clubs although tolerated aren’t exactly legal). That is not to say that what you get is cheap. Your entrance with one drink costs around €10-15, a table dance of 2-3 minutes €10-15 and the ladies’ drinks €20 or more. Most gentlemen’s clubs, as is their self-professed title, are to be found on both sides of Syngrou Avenue and are easily recognisable by their bright neon signs, but you can find them elsewhere in town too. Your hotel receptionist will probably be able to point you to one of them.