Prostate Massager Buying Guide | For Longer and Hotter Sessions

The man also has his own special desire points, which can trigger completely new feelings. Most men, however, are not fully aware of the hidden lust zone and do not know about the Best prostate massagers either in the love play with the partner or as a kind of masturbation.

Sex toys have become increasingly popular in recent years. The modern vibrators, cock rings and dildos are no longer considered dirty stuff that you have to buy secretly under the shop counter. Sex Toys are openly advertised and sold and that’s a good thing. Because: shared joy is a double joy. So let’s spread joy through the backyard.

The prostate

We all know more or less about the prostate. How high this place is, however, does not seem to be so well known. That’s why we’ll explain the key facts you need to know about your partner’s or your partner’s prostate.

The organ, which is about the size of a chestnut, can be found between the penis, rectum and bladder. Anyone who has had a prostate exam knows exactly where they are sitting. But for all the others, this, even more secret, pleasure centre is easy to palpate. This is the best way to get on the anus. From there you can stimulate them either with your fingers or with a dildo.

Often the prostate is also called the G-spot of the man, or leaning on it “P-point” and for good reason. The orgasm that is achieved through the prostate stimulation should be much more intense and, above all, much longer than the “conventional” peak.

Ejaculation should also be more productive, but we are happy to leave it to you to find out which dildos are best suited for this experience and what you should pay attention to in order to find the perfect execution for you, we explain in the next few points.

The prostate dildo

Fortunately, stimulating toys for the prostate are now available in many variants. You yourself can determine size, length, colour, design and material. Allowed is what pleases. Characteristic and useful means to an end is the bent head, with which you can reach the male pleasure bud optimally. Even in the bend itself, there are already differences, but here it says: Try is about studying. Here there is not the rule that slightly curved dildos are better for beginners and heavily bent only for intermediate. Decisive is your own anatomy.

But the journey is the goal and until you find the perfect bend, you’ll probably enjoy the suboptimal models as well.So that you can now get a good overview of the other possibilities of playing the dildos, we present you the different copies in more detail. You can buy here now and choose what suits you best.

The variants of the prostate dildo

Colour / Optics: Here you can distinguish between two groups. On the one hand, there are the natural-looking dildos that look like a penis, which means that they are also skin-colored, and the fancier models that are available in black, pink, orange and all the colours of the rainbow. With a bit of research you will surely find glittering dildos in unicorn optics. Whether you want them is up to you

Material / Haptics: Most toys are made of silicone, as the material is very easy to clean, has a high thermal conductivity and is pleasant to the skin. But you should definitely make sure that you buy silicone without plasticizer. You do not have to research for a long time with quality products, here you consciously do without plasticizers, as these can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people. In addition, there are the dildos made of glass, stainless steel, metal, rubber, latex, wood and even stone. Each material naturally gives a different feeling and thus a different experience. Try yourself; discover what’s most important to you, which gives you the biggest kick. If you pay attention to the quality of workmanship, always have a little lubricant at hand and are careful, nothing is in the way of fun.

Versions: Again, one can basically differentiate into two large groups. On the one hand, the dildos, which are shaped in such a way that they stimulate the perineum from outside while they are in the anus; on the other hand, those that are “only” intended for internal applications and then have a loop at the end for better usability. Some find it easier to focus initially on the inner part of the prostate and therefore opt for this model. However, many swear by the simultaneous stimulation of the inside and outside and therefore do not want to miss the essay that brings the nerve endings in the perineum to ecstasy.

Lust can be nubs or grooves. Here it is advisable not to use sparingly with the lubricant and to pay close attention to what you or your partner like. The length and diameter of the dildo also fall under the category: approach slowly. For your first prostate dildo experience you should not necessarily choose the XXL variant, but start with a rather thin model. Then you can still increase, but just the beginning should be blessed with success experiences, so that you also remain curious, what else you could try out so.

The care

Your dildo you should, like all Sex Toys, clean thoroughly after each use. For toys that are introduced into the anus, of course, this is particularly important because the intestinal bacteria bring with it a high risk of infection. Wash the dildo under running water to wash off the course dirt in the first step. After that you should use a washing lotion. There are some that are specially developed for the care of Sex Toys. But a mild lotion that you use for your face and that does not attack the material is okay too.

The conclusion

You have probably become curious now and would like to test if such a prostate dildo can hold what we promise. All we can say is: Trust yourself! You will not regret it.