Hooking Up with Greek Girls

Some of the most beautiful women live in Greece. Their fabulous looks come from a mixture of different peoples and cultures, and if you’re looking for love or a one-night stand, you should look no further than the cradle of Western civilization. Our article aims to bring you closer to Greek women by listing interesting facts about their lifestyles and dating tips to help you score. So, let’s see what they have to offer, shall we?

Girls in Athens

Aside from being one of the loveliest countries in Europe, Greece has other pros (and cons like every other place). The same goes for its people, particularly women. Although it might sound strange for Westerners, Greek women enjoy traditional values and enjoy their men providing for them. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it might be confusing at first if you’re not aware of it.

But being traditional doesn’t mean they don’t care about education and careers. Moreover, most girls are fluent in English and have diplomas. This is pretty interesting if you combine their education with their strong emotions and ways of expressing them. If they find something annoying or are angry, they can get rather dramatic. But these intense emotions translate into something way more interesting.


Namely, they’re great lovers. Their intensity provides them with being ferocious in bed, but they can easily get jealous and act possessive. Greek girls want their men to show their love in every way possible. That includes gifts such as jewelry and flowers as well as constant reports about your whereabouts. You’re theirs forever.


When it comes to their looks, we’ve already said they’re some of the most beautiful women in the world. In Athens, you can spot girls of all kinds of physiques. However, they mostly have dark hair and an olive skin tone. Their average height is around 5 feet and 5 inches. But you can still see tall ones with model-like bodies on almost every corner.

How to Pick Up Girls

The good news is that dating in Athens, Greece is pretty casual. Women don’t mind talking to foreigners. Moreover, they’re glad to speak English and joke around with people they’ve just met. It’s all part of the fun for them.


If you’re looking to hook up, you’ll get plenty of chances. From nightclubs to busy city squares, it won’t be hard to meet new people no matter what time of the day it is. The whole point is to approach them feeling confident and without having a fear of rejection. They enjoy men who act masculine and macho, just like Greek men like to present themselves.

The best thing is that they’re pretty open to having a one-night stand with someone new. However, that can’t come out of anywhere. You need to work on your flirting skills as there can be lots of competition since they’re so beautiful and the country is full of tourists looking for the same thing as you are.

Where to Get Girls?

Looking for a date doesn’t have to work only at night. You can meet new people — more importantly, girls — during the day too. Here are some of the best locations where you can engage in small-time conversations and pick up a few numbers to text when you get lost if you get what we mean.

Athens Riviera

Having a beach helps a lot when it comes to dating. No matter where you find yourself, going for a stroll across the shore will allow you to meet girls. The Athens Riviera is full of beach parties and bars where tons of single women hang out looking for fun. Therefore, visiting it would be our first pick for your daily activities.

Metro Mall, Athens

Just like back home, people still hang out at the mall. And if you’re looking to meet women, going to the Metro Mall in Athens is another great choice. You can stroll around and bump into a group of girls drinking coffee in one of the many cafés there and politely ask to join them or ask for directions. They’ll probably invite you to join them.

Monastiraki Square

If you’re looking to present yourself as a serious guy, you should walk around Monastiraki Square. The reason is that there are numerous iconic landmarks and a fabulous museum. But don’t worry — it’s full of people 24/7. It will be a perfect opportunity to meet a lovely, educated Greek woman.

Syntagma Square

Finally, our last day-time place to look for girls is the city’s main square — the Syntagma Square. Just like the previous one, it will be full of people, both natives and tourists. It’s a great-looking area that will serve as a perfect dating site if you’re prepared to walk up to a group of women and start some small talk.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

Like every major city in the world, Athens has a lively club scene. In our eyes, this is an even better way to meet and start dating a Greek girl. They love their nights out and drinks, so you’ll have no problem finding a group of ladies on a Friday or Saturday night. The city is full of bars and clubs, and here are our favorites.


Our first choice when it comes to clubbing in Athens would be the famous Dybbuk club in the Kolonaki neighborhood. DJs from all over the world are regulars, and you can expect to meet the best-looking girls there. It’s a young crowd, but no one will look at you weird if you show up visibly older.

They’ll be dancing until the early hours, without a care in the world. Their only goal is to have fun, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for, isn’t it? It’s all about EDM there, so be sure to freshen up your dance floor moves. The only downside is that it’s a fall/winter season type of club if you’re heading to Athens during the summer.

Lohan Nightclub

Our second pick is the Lohan Nightclub. Somewhat similar to Dybbuk, it’s all about EDM there. But that can only mean a young and vibrant crowd, ready to dance like there’s no tomorrow. It has some industrial aesthetics, but the sound system and the lighting will have you believe you’re in Berlin during its clubbing heyday.

Steam Athens

If you’re looking for a more hipster place that doesn’t care for mainstream trends, your best bet is to visit Steam Athens. It’s in the center of the city, near the Kerameikos metro station. The sounds range from techno to house, but you won’t hear radio tunes like in the previous two clubs. The club is, of course, full of beautiful girls, both local and foreign.

Half Note Jazz Club

The more we go on, the more we’re heading towards the cool. Although jazz isn’t all that popular nowadays, the clubs where they play it are still going strong. Although sometimes full of posers to quasi-intellectuals, Half Note Jazz Club is a great place to flirt with educated Greek women. The atmosphere is nice, and the wine is even better. A perfect combo for some dirty talk and sly looks.

Ragnarök Club

Besides the pulsating techno rhythms and flirty jazz licks of the previous four clubs, Ragnarök is the place to hear some fat, greasy riffs straight from the Devil’s cookbook. This is a famous Athens heavy metal club, and it holds nothing back. The music is loud, the beers are cold, and the girls are straight out crazy. Greeks love their metal, and if you’re like them, you won’t have to look any further than Ragnarök.