Finding Girls For Sex In Athens, Greece

Many people still take vacations to this city every year. When guys travel here one of the things they always want help with is finding girls for sex in Athens, Greece.

Prostitution is regulated and legal, but street prostitution or pimping is not. That doesn’t mean you won’t find prostitutes on the streets of Athens, there are still many around.

The brothels are the main ways to find girls, there are some erotic massage parlors around but they aren’t huge here. Meeting Athens escorts online is growing in popularity, and one of the best ways to find the hottest girls.

Most of the brothels are pretty cheap but there are some higher end ones around. But why would a girl want to work in a brothel and have to have sex with any guy that walks through the door?

Instead she can be an online escort then pick and choose who she goes with, and charge whatever she wants. Oh ya, and she doesn’t have to pay the house a cut of what she earns either.

Lets start with the brothels because they are the main way to find hookers and then work our way around to the other spots.

There Are Lots Of Brothels In Athens

There are literally hundreds of licensed brothels in Athens and hundreds more that aren’t licensed. You will often find certain streets or alleys that are just loaded with brothels up and down the street.

When having sex in a brothel here it is similar to a sexual encounter in the Amsterdam red light district. No, we don’t mean that there are women behind windows showing off their bodies trying to make a sale.


We mean the actual experience when you are in the room with the girl. Expect it to be a very quick, rushed session. Head in, bang her in one position, maybe two if you are lucky, and go on with your day.

If you want to do more, or a longer session it is possible but you will have to pay more. Since most of them charge under 30 euros a pop they are very cheap and paying a bit more for a better experience won’t break the bank.

You will find hookers from all over Eastern Europe working in these brothels, not just girls from Greece but also from Romania and other countries in the region.

There are many brothels all around town, but the Filis Red Light District in Athens is where you will find the highest concentration of them. If you want to have a big selection of sexy girls to choose from head there.

If you walk by a building and there is a red light by the door you probably just found a brothel. Other areas of town where there are known to be many brothels are around Metaxourgeio, Gazi, Plaka, or Monastiraki.

Your best bet is to just head to the Filis Red Light District or hop in a taxi and ask for a brothel or girls. With so many legal brothels around erotic sex massage parlors are rare in Athens.

Many of the massage parlors around town are actually massage parlors and not fronts for brothels like in most parts of the world these days.

Strip Clubs

The legality of strip clubs in Athens is kind of a gray area. Because of this they don’t seem to try and rob drunk foreigners like many other strip clubs around the world do.

You should still always confirm prices for everything you buy and try to not run up a tab, but you aren’t that likely to get hit with an inflated bill here. You also aren’t likely to be having any sex in the VIP rooms either.

You could possibly get a strippers number and invite her to your room after your shift but that is about it. They are pretty expensive when you include the cover charge and how expensive drinks are.

You will likely spend twice as much in one and not even get laid. The ladies drinks are quite expensive, maybe 20 euros per, but you don’t need to buy any if you don’t want.

If you want to stare at some eye candy before your trip to Filis there are quite a few topless and full nude strip clubs in Athens located in the Plaka and Syngrou area of town.

Some good strip clubs in Athens you may want to try out are:

  • Star Live
  • Studio 55
  • Lido Palace
  • Athens Strip Anatoli

The Kinky Opera is known for putting on some nice performances as well. For a good beach vacation check out the nightlife in Ayias Napa.

Athens Online Escorts

As mentioned previously this is one of the best ways to find the hottest girls for sex in Athens. Meeting hookers online is becoming more and more popular all over the world and that is the case here as well.

Since prostitution is legal you can Google ‘escorts in Athens’ or ‘prostitutes in Athens’ and see what pops up. That is how you can find the high class escorts, they will be more expensive than the girls in the brothels but also likely hotter.

Another thing you should be looking for are the girls that aren’t always pros, but turn pro when they have some need for money. The economy in Greece is in the toilet right now and many girls are hard for cash.

From time to time when rent payments are due or when school tuition is coming girls that generally aren’t hookers will need some extra cash. You can find these call girls providing short term escort services on Tinder, Badoo, or any other dating apps.

This is much like the scene in Kiev or Saint Petersburg. You can luckbox your way to some legit 9 university student the only time she sells her ass all year. It isn’t likely, but it can happen if you try.