Enjoy Your Butt Plug Game Play With These Activities!

If it seems that the topic of anal sex is revealed, here’s some statistics for you: research has proven that anal sex is engaged in 25% of women. That is, every fourth woman really tried and even regularly uses butt plugs with adult friends. Therefore, find a favorite accessory for lovers is required, in whose caresses anal stimulation is necessarily present.

Female butt plug with crystal

The anal plug from the Luxurious Tail anal jewelry collection is decorated with a large sparkling crystal. The cork has a perfectly smooth, seamless surface and a tapered head, that will provide the most pleasant and comfortable introduction. A restrictive base will make it safe to use sex toys.

Butt plug with tail

The Anal Butt Plug Large Silver Tail, which can be bought at LovePlugs, is a large anal plug made from durable, hypoallergenic medical steel. It is decorated with a luxurious fluffy tail, which gives the cork a special charm.  This is the perfect tail plug for spanking sessions. The correct shape and smooth surface provide an incomparable convenience in using the plug for sex with anal plug. Cork perfectly trains the internal muscles of the anus. Long wearing a stimulant will allow you to experience constant sexual pleasure. This is the best way to surprise and please your partner.

Multispeed butt plug

Butt Plug is an expanding butt plug equipped with a powerful motor and a soft pear with a control valve. This model is made of a hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer. The toy has seven modes of operation, which are controlled by buttons on the case. A stable base with a reliable suction cup allows you to mount the stimulator on any flat surface. The butt plug is completely waterproof. This also has a video game related butt plug version.

Anal plug in the shape of a penis

Anal bushing has realistic shape of the penis, made of soft-touch and completely hypoallergenic material. The stimulator has a relief shape, which will provide more vivid and realistic sensations. The rounded head will make the penetration as comfortable as possible. With the help of a sucker, the anal plug can be fixed on any flat surface.

Anal stimulator with a limiter

Compact and stylish toy made of the most delicate and pleasant material. You will definitely enjoy a smooth and completely seamless surface. The stimulator has a realistic head and a thin barrel. For a more comfortable and safe insertion, the tip of the head is slightly rounded and slightly smaller in diameter, than the whole massager. You can also enjoy your favorite toy in the shower.

Anal stimulator of gold

Gold – luxury, Stylish and elegant stimulator for the most demanding lovers. The coolness of the noble metal is pleasant and attractive to the naked hot body. The stimulator has a comfortable gold handle you can control the depth of penetration. Discover new sensual pleasure, Plunge into the world of luxury and passion. Lelo Earl Gold is created to give caress to the clitoris, stimulate male and female point of g.

Silicone Anal Sleeve

The stimulator has a relief shape, which consists of balls with gradually increasing diameter from tip to base. The head of the massager is slightly bent to allow stimulation of the prostate. The base of the stimulator has the form of a hook for easy removal of the toy from the anus.

Flexible anal chain with original design

Fun Factory Flexi Felix – anal stimulator in the form of a funny caterpillar. Elastic anal beads are made of high quality medical silicone. Smooth balls of different sizes will give you indescribable pleasure. Funny muzzle beetle acting as a pen will cheer you up and help you smile. Thanks to the convenient handle you can fully control the process of penetration. Balls gradually increase to the base of the chain. Thanks to the gentle surface and rounded shape, the penetration will be painless and pleasant. Discover new horizons of pleasure.

Why do people use butt plugs?

  1. If you are a beginner and you have never had anal sex, using anal plugs will help you to develop the muscles of the anus and prepare for anal sex so that your first experience will be pleasant, not painful.
  2. If you are not a novice, you can use butt plugs to warm up, before anal contact. Traffic jams will excite sensitive nerves and relax the muscles of the anus.
  3. For anal stimulation. Long wearing anal plug gives you a very pleasant feeling.
  4. For additional stimulation and increase of orgasm during traditional sexual intercourse or masturbation. Using the anal plug during vaginal contact, the woman’s vagina narrows, vaginal stimulation is felt more clearly and the orgasms become more intense and prolonged.

The use of the anal plug during sex by a man helps him to strengthen his erection, to experience greater arousal and orgasm.

How to use butt plugs?

Classic anal plugs have a thin conical tip, for easy comfortable insertion, gradually widening the droppet body, for soft stretching of the muscles of the anus, a thin leg and an extended base that prevents the tube from accidentally sucking into the rectum.


Before starting the game with the anal plug, a little preparation is necessary. First, make sure your toy is well cleaned and ready to use. Secondly, prepare your anus. For stimulation with the anal plug it will be enough to have a special syringe and take an anal shower to clean the anal passage. The same process you do when using dildo for sex slave role-playing.

The anal passage does not naturally moisturize, therefore the anus and the stopper must be well lubricated. use special anal lubricants , they have a denser consistency and provide more pleasing comfort.

Glass and metal anal plugs can be used with lubricants based on silicone. Caps from other materials we recommend to use with intimate water-based lubricants. To make everything go smoothly, cover the anus and the stopper with a thick layer of anal lubricant. If you are using a relaxing lubricant, wait 5-10 minutes for it to work.

How to insert the anal plug

Take a comfortable posture. For anal penetration the most comfortable are one of the following positions:

  • On knees;
  • On the back, putting a small pillow or roller under the pelvis and pulling the legs to the stomach;
  • Crouching over the anal plug.

Holding the stopper by the base, gently insert the tip of the stopper into the anus, pointing it slightly up and forward, towards the stomach. Focusing on your feelings, gradually push the cork inwards until the anus narrows on the thin cork stem, leaving the stopper outside.